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 Modular  palette  and  Reference  Holder

Here are two unique author's tools, designed for the convenience and efficiency of artists' work: a modular palette and a reference holder. These tools are characterized by their universal attachment - they can be easily attached both to the picture stretcher and to the easel.


   The modular palette provides comfortable work in any conditions - be it an easel, a table, a wall or even your lap. 

   Due to the close proximity of the palette to the canvas and the sample, the process of color matching becomes easier and more accurate. This is achieved through the following factors:

   1.   Perpendicular positioning of all three planes to the artist's view.

   2. the same lighting for the palette, canvas and sample. 2.

   3.  Equal distance from the artist's eyes to all three planes.

   4.  The maximum proximity of the planes to each other creates a single working space.

    Working with a palette close to the canvas and in the same plane with the canvas we see how the color from it will lie on the canvas without changes. This is fundamentally important.    

   This arrangement teaches you to think on the palette, compare and work with minimal corrections. Without spreading dirt on the canvas. This is especially useful for beginning artists. 

   And the reference holder allows you to conveniently place the sample close to the working area, which contributes to a more accurate reproduction of colors and details.


   Also such arrangement is important for preserving eyesight - when the planes are located at the same distance and in the same lighting conditions, the eyes practically do not get tired during frequent comparisons, as there is no forced accommodation of the eyes from changing the distance to the objects of comparison. 

    The eye muscles don't need to refocus at different distances each time.

    Also, the same illumination of the palette and work minimizes the so-called pupillary reflex - the pupils of the eyes do not need to adjust the dilation or contraction each time to the different amount of reflected light. 

   All this certainly makes working more comfortable and certainly does not wear out your eyesight as much. 


   This palette mounting system is also suitable for bedridden patients when working with small canvas sizes. Supporting the lightweight construction on your knees lying down is quite comfortable, as the system is one-piece. Details in the video.


    The instruments are of high quality, made of beech wood and coated with several layers of oil and thinner resistant lacquer. The tool is patented


   More details and a demonstration of the tools capabilities in these videos:


Currently, due to sanctions, payment transfers with Russia are limited, but you can pay for the tools through the Boosty website. It's reliable. The price of the instrument includes the cost of international shipment. Shipments to Europe and the USA take about two weeks. My Boosty page


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2024-04-15 17.07.12.JPG
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2024-04-20 11.29.12.JPG
2024-04-20 12.46.55.JPG
2024-04-16 13.20.15.JPG
2024-04-20 12.53.51.JPG
2024-04-16 13.53.45.JPG
2024-03-28 15.42.25.JPG
2024-03-28 15.43.51.JPG
2024-03-28 14.51.34.JPG
2024-03-28 15.46.08.JPG
2024-03-28 11.52.10.JPG
2024-04-20 13.01.46.JPG
2024-04-20 11.40.12.JPG
2024-04-20 12.51.02.JPG
2024-04-20 12.51.27.JPG
2024-04-20 11.13.23.JPG
2024-03-15 09.48.04.JPG
2024-03-27 12.38.50.JPG
2024-04-20 13.39.16.JPG
2024-03-28 12.06.30.JPG
2024-04-20 12.21.19.JPG
2024-04-15 17.00.45.JPG
2024-04-20 10.54.44.JPG
2024-04-26 11.25.20.JPG
2024-05-07 14.50.06.JPG
2024-04-20 11.05.35.JPG
2024-05-02 11.42.00.JPG
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