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Brush  Set  for  Floral  Art


There are upgraded, uniquely glued with epoxy, large brushes for flower painting in stock. Brush sizes are from 20mm (0.8”) to 60mm (2.4”). They are  28cm (11”) long. There are six brushes in the set.


Brushes are sold and shipped worldwide. 


Brushes are sold as a set of six, not individually. The price for a set is 75.00€ or $85.00 US. Shipping is free of charge.  


 Write to me at and I will send you payment options for brushes via PayPal or bank card.


 We send packages by mail (usually three times a week). The postal service is working well right now, the time delays are small. But there are some countries, where we can't send parcels from Russia now - Australia, Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Poland (but it is possible to send parcels via other country).

  Now it is possible to buy my Brushes through the boosty intermediary website There you need to choose a product and pay. You can pay with PayPal


    Brush Care and Painting Tips:

 These brushes are easy to care for. They can be washed with mineral spirits, turpentine, or even soap and water. Brushes are suitable for painting with oil, acrylic, or watercolors. 


As I mentioned in my videos, these brushes are for painting the final thin, transparent layers. This method is used to show natural translucency of the flower petals. Dilute your oil colors with oil painting mediums (artist grade linseed and walnut oils are some of them) to reach necessary transparency and consistency. Give yourself plenty of time to practice working with the brushes. You can use something washable, like a piece of glass or a plastic sheet, placed on top of paper, before painting on canvas. You will need to get used to working with large brushes to develop the skills painting flower petals and leaves. You can perform exercises in black and white first, or choose a different not bright color, such as raw or burnt umber, in order not to get distracted by color search. Once you figure out the brush stroke and build up muscle memory, add color to your practices on temporary surfaces. Move on to canvas when you feel more confident. 


The brushes need to be held perpendicular to the canvas. Every petal should be painted from the edge to the center. Please, watch my tutorials on my YouTube channel for demonstrations. There is nothing difficult in painting flowers. If you have patience, contribute time to thoughtful practice to build up muscle memory working with the brushes, and skills using the painting medium of your choice, you will most definitely succeed in creating beautiful floral art. 






Brushes for painting flower Buiko
If you want to buy brushes, send a message to this e-mail:
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