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DetailMaster Mahlstick

  Mahlstick is made by hand from beech. It is available in four different sizes: 

  Mini mahlstick (51 cm or 20 inches)

  Small mahlstick (71 cm or 28 inches)

  Large mahlstick (95 cm or 37.5 inches)

  Vector mahlstick (107 cm or 42 inches)


  Prices for tools range from 75 to 125 USD (shipping is included in the price)

  Prices for tools already include international shipping, logistics, taxes and mediation of the Boostu website. We ship the tools as a gift without an invoice, so you won't have any problems receiving them.

  Current prices for all my tools on Boosty (there you can select and pay for the instrument using PayPal)

  (If you have made a purchase, please immediately send me a message on the website or by e-mail at and specify your address. The Boosty website does not display the buyer's address, even if you made a purchase via PayPal)

  Mahlstick is sold and shipped worldwide. ​


  The mahlstick of my design serves to support the hand while drawing. Vector mahlstick also allows you to draw smooth lines with paint on the canvas while working without touching the surface.

  Be sure to watch the video about its capabilities

   I also advise you to watch this video

  The device can be quickly removed and attached to any of the four corners of the picture stretcher in a matter of seconds.

  The support platform of the tool has a rectangular cutout that does not allow touching the fresh surface of the painting.

  The mahlstick is attached to the corner of a stretcher or tablet with a rigid stretcher and supports the artist's hand on any part of the surface of the painting, which allows him to work comfortably, depicting small details of the drawing, without touching fresh paint with his hand.


  The tool can also be attached to the central rail of the easel using a special gasket. In this case, its coverage area becomes very large.

(the tool is also convenient for a left-handed artist to work with)


  The set includes a hex key. With this wrench and wrench or pliers, you can easily adjust the degree of resistance of the tool. The resistance should not be very large, convenient to work with.

  The tool is made of beech wood, very durable and elastic. On average, the pressure at the end of the rail, at which it comes into contact with the canvas, is about 1 kilogram. The tool is coated with several layers of alkyd varnish, which is easy to care for. This is a professional tool that will last you for many years. The tool is designed for indefinite use. ​

  The tool is patented

2018-01-06 11.57.17.JPG
#mauistik #artisthandrest #муштабель
Big and small maulsticks
Vector mahlstick
#mauistik #artisthandrest #муштабель
If you want to buy maulstick, send a message to this e-mail
#mauistik #artisthandrest #муштабель
#mauistik #artisthandrest #муштабель
#mauistik #artisthandrest #муштабель
#mauistik #artisthandrest #муштабель
#mauistik #artisthandrest #муштабель
#mauistik #artisthandrest #муштабель
#mauistik #artisthandrest #муштабель
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#mauistik #artisthandrest #муштабель
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(The tool is sold without a box.   Maulstick is patented)


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