Maulstick (Artist Handrest)

This maulstick is handcrafted from beech. It comes in two different sizes, Small and Large. The price of a Small maulstick is $74.00 US, and the Large one is $79.00 US. Shipping is free of charge. 


The maulstick is sold and shipped worldwide.


For international orders I accept Paypal only. 

In order to buy the maulstick, send payment in the amount mentioned above to my PayPal account .  


When completing the payment, specify the purpose: Payment for Artist Hand Rest; and include the name of the recipient.

If you want to buy maulstick, send a message to this e-mail:
Maulstick (Artist Handrest) Buiko
Big and small maulstick
Maulstick (Artist Handrest) Buiko
Or click this button:

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Design by Buiko

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