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Mahlstick (Artist Handrest)

   This mahlstick is handcrafted from beech. It comes in two different sizes, Small and Large. The price of a Small maulstick is $84.00 US, and the Large one is $89.00 US. (the rail with bolts for mounting the maulstik on the easel costs $14.00 US). Shipping is free of charge.  

     The mahlstick is sold and shipped worldwide. 

 The mahlstick of my own design, which serves to support the hand during painting and drawing.

  The device is mounted on the corner of the underframe or a hard stretcher Tablet and supports the artist's hand over any sections of the painting surface, thus enabling him to work comfortably while portraying small details of the drawing without touching fresh paint with his hand.

   The mahlstick is cut from beech or oak wood and is very durable and resilient. In average, the pressure at the end of the rail, in which it comes in contact with the canvas, is more than two kilograms. The device can be removed quickly, put on any of the four corners of the underframe within seconds.

   The reference platform provides a rectangular cutout, which does not allow the hand to touch the fresh surface of the painting. The maulstick is attached only to the perimeter of the underframe.

  The medium-sized version of the mahlstick is designed to be used with canvases from 30*40 up to 60*70 cm. If you use two corners of the underframe, the maulstick can handle sizes up to 60*120 cm. If you use all the four corners, you can work on the entire surface of the canvas up to 110*120 cm. in size. In the future, there will be some other versions of this tool. 

   (It is convenient to be used by a left-hander artist)

   The kit comes with a maulstick key. With the help of the key and with a wrench or pliers, you can easily adjust the resistance level units of the product. Resistance should be small, comfortable in work.

   This mahlstick is my own development and I have received the patent.

  The mahlstick is made of hardwood tree- oak or beech and covered with a protective layer of lacquer. Nylon washers between the friction parts do not allow the wood to wear out, all these things make the tool a durable and reliable assistant to the artist.

     Write to me at and I will send you payment options for mahlstick via PayPal or bank card.

   We send packages by mail (usually three times a week). The postal service is working well right now, the time delays are small. But there are some countries, where we can't send parcels from Russia now - Australia, Finland and Poland (but it is possible to send parcels via other country).  

  Now it is possible to buy my mahlstick through the boosty intermediary website There you need to choose a product and pay. You can pay with PayPal


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Big and small maulsticks
2018-01-06 11.57.17.JPG
#mauistik #artisthandrest #муштабель
If you want to buy maulstick, send a message to this e-mail
#mauistik #artisthandrest #муштабель
#mauistik #artisthandrest #муштабель
#mauistik #artisthandrest #муштабель
#mauistik #artisthandrest #муштабель
#mauistik #artisthandrest #муштабель
#mauistik #artisthandrest #муштабель
#mauistik #artisthandrest #муштабель
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#mauistik #artisthandrest #муштабель
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(The tool is sold without a box.   Maulstick is patented)


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